Store Policies

Below is detailed information regarding our store polices.



We do not offer refunds on any purchases.  Partial or full store credit may be offered at store’s discretion, if exchange policies do not apply.

Bill Payments

Once a bill payment has been completed, it cannot be refunded, nor transferred to another account.  Please provide correct information when processing a Bill Payment.  It is your job to verify the information provided at time of payment.

Port Over’s & Activations

Once a Port over or activation has been submitted, it cannot be changed.  We are not able to change the plans, or any information pertaining to the account after initial submission.  If a port over has not completed in time, due to incorrect information, or previous carrier’s bill payment overdue, we will not be liable nor responsible. We will due our best to accommodate you but take no responsibility for any delays with port over’s.

Repair & Unlocking Services

All repairs & unlocking services are final.  Click here to refer to our warranty section for more information. We have a pretty solid warranty program!




Cases my be exchanged within 7 Days as long as it has not been used. If signs of usage is visible, it may not be exchangeable, or a 15% restocking fee may apply at store’s discretion.


Chargers come with manufactory warranty which can only be claimed through the manufacturer.  We cannot exchange chargers if they have stopped functioning or are not functioning correctly.  If the device requires high power, and a low powered charger was purchased by mistake, we offer 7 days to exchange for correct charger.  USB cables cannot be exchanged or replaced due to wear and tear, voltage, or other uncontrollable circumstances.

Phones / Tablets

If defective, may be exchanged within 7 days, for exact same device.   All packaging & accessories must be present for exchange to be processed. Device must be in same condition as purchased.  A 15% restocking fee will apply to all exchanges if product is not in same condition, if products is being upgraded for different device, color, memory size, or brand.

Screen Protectors

Once a screen protector has been opened from packaging or installed cannot be exchanged.  We do not offer any warranty nor guarantee that the screen protector may protect your device from damage.

Special Orders

If a special order was made, valid time will be required in order to process a special order exchange.


Any other accessory may be exchanged within 7 days, as long as it is in original packaging and has not been used.  15% restocking fee may occur if packaging or item is not in original condition.